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Now we are ready to
consider the phrase “reverent in behavior” by studying some specific behavior
areas where women may struggle.
The first one named by Paul, in Titus 2:3, is slander.  What a tough topic! Except that when
our view of God is correct and we are functioning within our God-given identity,
then our outward behaviors will reflect a reverence for our holy God. How do we
show reverence with our mouths?
Skip McDonald will lead us in answering the question, "How do we honor God with our mouths?" by looking at scripture.   She will talk through some of the murky areas of venting, sharing hurts, keeping check on our motives, as well as giving us practical application of guarding our mouths and keeping our relationships clean and God-honoring.
What is Conversations?
The heart behind Conversations is Titus 2, which calls older women to be teaching the younger women.  Our Conversations gatherings are casual and Christ-centered, while formatted with a panel of older women teaching on specific topics based on questions ladies have asked.

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(Space is limited to 15 to maintain the Conversation.)

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Our next Ladies Night Out is coming soon!
Let’s join our hearts to stand in the gap for our nation, which includes praying for personal revival that will spread into our church and our community, and the nation as a whole.
Motherhood can be chaotic, but you don't have to do it alone! Join us for Midst of Motherhood, a once-a-month fellowship for moms of young kids, where you can be fed physically and spiritually. Babies welcome!